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We take great pride in our animal coordination and animal stunt coordination on any project. We realize that your finished product reflects our talent .

We pride ourselves in providing your production with the BEST animals available to meet your needs - whether we own them or not ! We maintain close working relationships with all other companies in the industry which allows us to offer our clients any animal available in the industry  today at no additional costs to them for allowing us to coordinate the animals on their production. We also OWN, train, and house 100+ animals of our own, many of which are in  fact the best trained animals in the industry today! We feel that our experience in owning and training these animals, qualifies us to properly coordinate animals belonging to others.

Animal Coordination,  in our opinion, is one of your most important  considerations  when staffing  your production.  You are about to trust the experience and common sense of an individual to bring wild animals onto your set and near your talent and crew.  Upon locating a reputable animal company who you trust to provide all of your animal needs, we recommend you stick with that company.


Although that company may not own all the animals you may need, it usually saves your production money to allow one company to coordinate all animal action. (Sub-rental fees are handled between the individual animal companies resulting in no additional charge to the production)

Shoot day is not the time to discover that your animal coordinator suffers from a lack of experience with the  animal he or she sub-rented from someone else.  It is also a bad time to learn about any special requirements that animal's true owner and trainer might need to  accomplish your shot. We highly recommend that the following questions be considered prior to hiring a company to coordinate your animals and animal stunts.

  • Does that person own any of the animals on your production ?
  • Has that person ever owned or trained the type of animal needed in your production ?
  • Has the company, that person might be sub-renting from, seen the story boards or script for your production ?
  • Does that person have references, a credit and/or resume list, or a reel which includes work done with the types of animals or stunts needed in your production ?
  • If the animal is sub-rented, will that person allow you to communicate with the animal's actual owner and/or trainer ?
  • Is that company self-insured and is that insurance available to your production ?
  • What is the name, history and credit list of the animal(s) that person intends to use in your production ?
  • Will that person be present on set throughout your production ?
  • Does that company have all the equipment ( in good working order) necessary to get the animal to your set and accomplish your needs when it is there ?
  • Does  that company possess the state and federal permits and licenses to  have those animals on your set ?
  • Will that person allow you to visit their facility and meet the animal(s) required by your production ?

Regardless of who you choose to supply your animal needs, our hope is that you have a safe and positive experience. We recognize that your final product is a direct reflection of our talent and our industry.  We care about what you hope to accomplish !

Our rental prices are extremely fair and competitive . The central location of our main compound allows us to work  as  locals in  both the  San Francisco and Los Angeles areas.

For more specific information on our company, please visit our "Wild Things the company" page...

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