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Misc. Oddballs

For a quick look at our entire inventory, click here. For photos and details, see below.


"Garrett", "Maverick", & Cleo       ...Ferrets ...

We maintain one of every color- sable, silver tipped, and albino. All are friendly and safe with anyone. Very intelligent animals with the ability to learn almost any behavior a dog can be taught...

PICT1205 sml02
wish list

"Ramsey"   Male Raccoon

... and a super friendly one - so far. He's young and HUGE and his demeanor could change but so far we couldn't be having a better time with Ramsey.

"Elvis" Male Red Kangaroo who was born in December of 2001 and arrived at Wild Things 0n 2/1/2002. So you Kangaroo lovers keep checking back with us for his debut photo. This is the definition of cute!!!

wish list
photo sml

"Berquilla" (left) and "Barbie" female African Crested Porcupines

Because you can never have too many porcupines...???!!!


"Cloey" two toed sloth

A very special and unusual  creature. Very friendly and unique. A "must see to believe". This animal spends its life upside down. Cloey has appeared in several feature films as well as the TV show BORN FREE.  She also made a guest appearance on Jay Leno's Tonight Show.

Baby Kinkajou 001 sml

Arrived at Wild Things 2/5 at 7 months old. What a SWEETHEART !!!

wish list

"Maizy" female Kinkajou

And has literally moved right into the hearts of anyone and everyone who meets her. Just simply a wonderful animal!

christina and the kinkajou sml03

"Guido & Pierre" male Ring Tailed Lemurs

They're actually primates but seem to fit into our oddball page also... visit our primate page for more on these two little fellas.


"Lucy"  female Coati

just 7 weeks old on 8/12/04, Lucy is our newest arrival and what a charachter. PERSONALITY PLUS!!! We sure hope she stays this way.

wish list
PICT2102 sml
Ed & Mario 2 sml

"Mario"  male Tamandua (lesser anteater)

Mario arrived at Wild Things in January of 2005. He was two yrs. old when we got him so we were a bit worried about if he would allow us to handle him but he soon set our fears to rest. What a sweetie! A wonderful addition to our educational program & family.

Tamandua sml 1
Lynn & Sugar Glider 1 sml

"Sugar Baby"   female Sugar Glider

This little misfit was brought in by  an individual who had her illegally. Although they are extremely cute, we strongly urge folks not to keep illegal pets for if caught by the authorities, the fate of the animal is often bleak. Don't forget you can always enjoy such animals by visiting Wild Things

DSCN3874 sml

"Chip"  Male Capybara

Introduced to our education program in 2008, Chip stand as proud examples of the largest rodents in the world...

Ed, head shot 2 sml

"Ed" Hyena

Male or female still undetermined...

Well, it just doesn't get any more oddball than this! What a treat. An opportunity arose to adopt an orphaned hyena from Africa and we grabbed it ~ and what a treat its been. Unlike any relationship we've ever had with any other kind of animal. They're not a cat, they're not a dog, and the boys and girls have the same anatomy. WOW. He's born black and turns yellow and black stripped and spotted. We'll definitely keep you posted on Ed. Be sure to check back, we might even have to dedicate a page to this guy ~ or gal ... ???

Bluf & Ed sml

Feb. 2007


An update in June of 2007. As you can see, Ed is changing colors and starting to develop his spots and stripes he is so named for.

Personality wise, he is still the love of our lives but he's getting much more ambitious, far less intimidated by strange people and strange things. He plays a little rougher with his mouth but our fingers are crossed that we'll be able to keep him handleable, a difficult task with captive raised hyenas.

PICT1418 sml

Left: Sept. of 2007 - and Ed is still doing great but what a handful! 100% energy! You simply can not wear him out. He is still one of the greatest challenges we've ever worked with at Wild Things and we're still lovin every minute of it.

Ed and me 2007 sml
wish list

Rt.: December of 2007 - 80+ lbs. and growing like a weed. To answer your question? NO, he hasn't slowed down a bit! Yes, we're still lovin every minute of it. Ed's wish list has allot of toys on it because THEY DON'T LAST LONG WITH HIM!!!

IMG_3674b sml


Charlie & Heather Christmas 2010 sml

"Bacu" Tapir Male

Bacu came to us in August of 2010. He was a very special gift from a very dear friend to Charlie, Doc Antle. Doc is the founder of T.I.G.E.R.S., a facility in South Carolina that we can't recommend you visit enough! Bacu is a made even more special since his appearance now as a baby is nothing like he'll look like when he's an adult - twice this size! So far, Bacu is as gentle and loving as can be and we feel so fortunate to be able to call Wild Things his home. Few zoos in the country have tapirs and their prehistoric ancestry makes them one of the most fascinating animals on the planet. 

IMG_0975 sml

Before leaving South Carolina, Charlie had the opportunity to visit with Bacu in one of Bacu's favorite places, Doc's pool. Check back to see Bacu grow up.

IMG_0980 sml

"Presley" male muntjac

He's one of the smallest deer of the species with fang like tusks that stick out of his mouth. TRULY and oddball but we kinda love him anyway. 

photo muntjac sml
photo 1 sml05

"Speedy-G" male Fennec Fox

The smallest of the fox family, Speedy is already making a huge impression on the kids who see our educational program in 2012. Ears have never been so cute on an animal.

IMG_3939 sml

"Trixy" female Fennec Fox

Our newest addition in  2014, Trixy was adopted to keep Speedy-G company. Seen here at just 6weeks of age in April of 2014, she truly redefines the word cute and a joy to be with. 

photo 1 sml06

"Homer" and "Marge" male and female Hedgehogs

Always a bit hit with the kids for such a little animal in our school programs.

DSCN3887 sml
photo tree
photo fed by heather sml
IMG_8179 sml

"Doc" male Binturong

AKA, a Malaysian Bearcat, Doc was a long time dream of Charlie's and those who follow his FaceBook page probably already know how attached Charlie is to this animal. He had one 13 years ago and it took this long to find and have another one thanks to some very special friends.

photo playing with Moksha quicktime sml02

When they're little (or as long as safety and circumstances allow), we raise our babies together, allowing them to play and interact together. Click left to see a play session between Doc and Moksha, our baby Royal White Tiger. You'll be amazed by their magic. Fun was never more clearly defined.


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